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Is this wound PICO appropriate?

Step 1: Exudate levels

Does the wound have low to moderate levels of exudate?

PICO7/7Y/14 is intended for use on wounds where the level of exudate is low to moderate.

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Not PICO appropriate

Step 2: Wound size

Does the wound fit under 1 of the PICO sNPWT Dressings?

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Not PICO appropriate


Recommendation: Choosing a dressing size that is slightly larger than the wound allows the benefits of negative pressure to extend to the periwound area

Step 3: Wound depth

Note: NPWT requires direct contact with the wound bed. Prior to application, assess the wound to determine depth and if a filler would be required. PICO is appropriate for up to 2cm wound depth and up to 4.5cm wound depth for PICO 7 and PICO 14.

Does the PICO system conform to the wound bed?

Begin application


Applicable wound

Step 4: Fillers


Antimicrobial gauze

15cm x 17cm

Note: Gauze should loosely fill to the surface of the wound. Avoid over packing.

Wear instructions:

  • At the healthcare professional’s discretion, a PICO dressing may be left in place for up to 7 days, depending on level of exudate 
  • When a filler is used, the filler and the PICO Dressing should be changed 2 to 3 times a week, according to the local clinical protocol and manufacturer’s instructions 
    • Foam should be changed at least 3 times per week and gauze at least 2 times per week

PICO's unique mechanism of action (MoA) in open wounds 


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