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Open wounds

Bring the proven effectiveness of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) to open wound management with PICO sNPWT. This single use, canister-free system is simple to apply. And, its small size allows patients to maintain daily activities which adds to their satisfaction.

See how PICO sNPWT significantly improved the healing trajectory of hard-to-heal wounds compared with standard care1


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Dowsett EIF

Want to get started with PICO?

If you would like a company representative to contact you to learn how you can provide PICO sNPWT therapy for your patients please click to learn more.

Are you a patient with questions?

Do you have questions about your PICO sNPWT therapy? Find out information on what PICO sNPWT is and how you can get back to your daily life.

Billing questions?

Our reimbursement helpline provides you with information concerning questions regarding coding, payments and coverage for PICO sNPWT.

  1. Dowsett C, Hampton K, Myers D, Styche T. Use of PICO to improve clinical and economic outcomes in hard-to-heal wounds. Wounds International. 2017;8(2):52-58.