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PICO Ortho


76 percent lower

Reduction in the incidence of SSIs

The PICO System reduced the risk of surgical site complications (SSCs) in patients undergoing primary hip and knee arthroplasty, compared to standard care. (p=0.06)3


See the evidence

Watch a live knee OR application of the PICO System, to see how quick and easy it is to apply.


A patient's perspective-Kurt's story

One patient's journey to recovery after hip surgery with the PICO System.


How does PICO therapy work?

Only PICO sNPWT dressings have AIRLOCK* Technology, to help promote effective outcomes.5-8


Application of the PICO System after knee surgery



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    *n=209, p=0.002. High-risk patients deemed to be those with BMI >35 or ASA >3