What is PICO 7?

  • A small portable system used to help your surgical site or wound from possible infection by creating a controlled environment that may promote wound healing
  • PICO 7 is a portable system allowing patients the freedom to continue daily activities*
  • The dressing provides protection to the incision or wound from contaminates
  • The pump applies compression to the area, increasing blood flow, and providing the surgical site or wound with a good environment, that may promote wound healing
  • The gentle adhesive makes application and removal easy
  • The dressing is waterproof, allowing patients the ability to shower
  • PICO 7 is quiet and discreet, allowing for greater patient satisfaction


How long will it take to improve my incision or wound?

  • Results vary, but in many cases impovement can be seen after the first dressing is changed. Disucss with your doctor what results you may expect
*consult with your doctor about appropiate activity levels