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2024 National Average Medicare Coding and Payment Rates for PICO sNPWT

The American Medical Association has established two CPT codes for Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (sNPWT): 97607 and 97608

Medicare does not separately reimburse hospitals for the PICO (sNPWT) when it is furnished to patients in the inpatient setting. Payment for the PICO (sNPWT) is included in the MS-DRG payment.

NOTE: Payment rates from non-Medicare payers will depend on each hospital’s contract with each payer. Ensure that reported charges reflect both the PICO (sNPWT) and, if appropriate, the work to assess the wound, apply it, and provide instructions for ongoing care.

Revenue codes:
  • 027x – Medical/Surgical Supplies and Devices 
  • 0279 – Supplies/Other

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