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Is this wound PICO appropriate?

Consideration 1: 
Is the patient high-risk for complications?1

Consideration 2: 
Does patient have two or more high-risk factors?

Consideration 3: 
Which PICO Dressing size best fits the incision?


Treating the zone of injury

The underlying tissue is damaged during surgery but the PICO dressing can be placed over the entire zone of injury. This means you are not only treating the incision but the surrounding tissue around the incision.1

Clinical images provided courtesy of Dr Mattias Brem

Dr. Ravi Bashyal of NorthShore University Health System shares his thoughts on:

Predictable outcomes in unpredictable times: Reducing SSCs in the era of COVID-19



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  1. Sugrue M et al., World Union of wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) Consensus Document. Closed surgical incision management: understanding the role of NPWT. Wounds International, 2016.