Introduction to PICO

  • Approved for use on acute wounds, chronic wounds and closed surgical incisions.
  • Proprietary, silicone-based, four-layer technology uniquely manages wound fluid by simultaneously evaporating and locking it away, keeping excess moisture away from the wound and periwound area.1 No need for a canister!
  • Expansion of NPWT benefits beyond the wound site by providing compression to the periwound area, which may help reduce edema and improve perfusion.2

Absorption vs evaporation

PICO is appropriate for:

  • Acute wounds
  • Chronic wounds
  • Closed surgical incisions
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Sub-acute and dehisced wounds
  • Flaps and grafts
  • Partial-thickness burns
  • Ulcers – diabetic, pressure 

PICO application and mode of action



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