PICO Multisite

PICO Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Multisite with Soft Port technology is designed to support easy application and conformability, providing therapy for challenging anatomical areas.1

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PICO™ NPWT Multisite with Soft Port technology


The dressing design supports comfortability to the sacral area.


The dressing remains securely in place while allowing full flexibility of the knee joint.


The dressing conforms to this anatomical location providing comfort and protection.


The shape and flexibility of the dressing aids easy application to the extremity.


The flexibility of the dressing conforms to the contours of the axilla.


Multisite facilitates easier dressing application to challenging neck wounds.


The shape and flexibility of Multisite makes it suitable to manage wounds on the back.


Multisite is ideal when dressing prominences such as the elbow as it allows the joint to remain flexible while being soft on the skin.


The dressing remains soft to the skin while being conformable to fit a wound of any area around the breast.

Soft Port is designed to reduce the risk of pressure points which may contribute to patient comfort in wear.2

Product ordering codes

Dressing Product code Description Pad size
66021356 PICO Multisite
15 x 20cm (small)
5.5 x 15cm
66021357 PICO Multisite
20 x 25cm (large)
9 x 20cm


UDI compliant Soft Port Packaging

PICO Multisite Box

Prior to any dressing applications, users should refer to the PICO Instructions For Use (IFU).
1. Palmer, S; Erakli, D; OR-DOF/42 A Volunteer trial to assess dressing performance of Palermo (PICO) Multisite vs. control March 2014.
2. Data on File 42 A Volunteer Trial to Assess Dressing Performance of PICO Multisite vs. Control. Palmer S, April 2014.