Simply affordable

PICO Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) may significantly reduce therapy costs.1

  • Reduced therapy costs
  • Reduced training and staff time
  • Reduced administration – eliminates processing paperwork associated with rental NPWT
  • May help reduce patient’s hospital length of stay
  • May help reduce the risk of surgical site complications

In a study measuring the effectiveness of single use NPWT in the outpatient setting, the total cost of the PICO System treatment was shown to be less the one-fourth the cost of non-single use NPWT treatments.2

The PICO System offers all the effectiveness of traditional NPWT for wounds with low to moderate exudate.3 The evaluation of 368 patients across a range of wound types in three separate studies demonstrates that PICO performs with the expected effectiveness as traditional full-sized NPWT pumps.3,4,5

Effective post-surgical management of C-sections resulted in avoidance of 92 surgical site infections over 4 years and saved more than $5 million.6


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